Bioceramics Research Group

The main goal of the recent research at the Process Chemistry Centre has been to improve the understanding of the properties and especially surfaces characteristics for various novel applications of bioactive glasses. Novel applications of bioactive glasses require not only tight control of the bioactivity but also a thorough knowledge of the influence of composition on the glass manufacture and forming into different products. Tailoring of glasses to certain applications is thus based on understanding and mastering a wide range of properties important for both the medical application and glass manufacture.

An essential part of the bioactive glass research has been concentrated on understanding and modeling the different properties of glass composition. The use of bioactive glasses as implants for tissue engineering is based on selective and controlled leaching of the glass surface to allow formation of a layered structure of silica and hydroxyapatite on the glasses.

In our research we have established the influence of the glass composition on the layer formation. Further, we have studied the compositional requirements of thin glass fibers used in porous load-bearing composites of biodegradable polymer and bioactive glass fibers to allow a controlled reactivity of the scaffold in order to maintain the desired long-term strength. Novel types of glasses have been studied as matrix materials for short-lived beta-emitting radioisotopes aimed for localized internal treatment of tumors. The main task has been to tailor a carrier matrix, which allows the manufacture of glass particles or microspheres with a controlled radioactivity and a desired biodegradability.

Group leader

Professor Leena Hupa, D.Sc.
Process Chemistry Centre
Åbo Akademi University

+358 (0)2 215 4563

Research topics

  • Modeling of the different properties of glass composition
  • Influence of composition on glass manufacture and forming into different products
  • Tailoring bioactive glass compositions with desired properties characterization of matrix glasses for radiotherapy
  • Continuous measurement of dissolution rate of bioactive glasses