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The Biomaterial and Medical Device Research Programme of the BioCity Turku with its nine principal research groups and three associated groups provides a unique collaboration, education and learning environment for researchers in different fields of science in their efforts to develop reliable and safe implantable medical devices for healing and regeneration of injured and diseased tissue. The programme bridges generic and clinical research with clinical practice and also provides a discussion forum with companies fabricating implantable medical devices. The research groups develop together future biomaterials and medical devices with the focuses on clinical solutions for tissue injuries and defects, on-line sensing of tissue healing, controlled drug release, adequate mechanical durability, and pre-determined, desired resorption matched to neotissue growth rate. The research group consortium enables a totally new multidisciplinary approach in developing medical materials

What are medical and dental biomaterials? Medical and dental biomaterials are used to replace missing or severely damaged tissue or parts of organs. Artificial materials have been used for this purpose in medicine for thousands of years. Developments in basic natural and engineering sciences with medicine and dentistry have improved our ability to create tailor-made biomaterials for various purposes. Biomaterials are used as reconstructive devices in the human body and as scaffolds for regenerative medicine which utilize tissue engineering. 

TCBC is a core-facility laboratory where you can carry out research with top-class infrastructure and expertise. If you are interested in working at TCBC, please consider studies at the PhD Programs of the University of Turku or the Åbo Akademi University and contact research group leaders.

Pekka Vallittu,  Professor  and Chair of Biomaterials Science, University of Turku

Leena Hupa, Professor and Chair of Inorganic Chemistry, Åbo Akademi University

Directors of the BioCity Turku Biomaterials and Medical Device Research Program



         Institute of Dentistry Ranked One of the Bests in the World


Mr. Makato Nakao awarded by Honorary Doctorship

       President  & CEO of GC International, Mr. Makato Nakao has been conferred by Doctor of Odontology honoris causa (Doctor hc) in the Conferment Ceremony of the University of Turku, 26 May 2017. Conferment took place in recognition of the research collaboration between GC Corporation and Turku Clinical Biomaterials Centre of the Faculty of Medicine in developing preventive and tissue-saving biomaterials for dentistry. By conferment  the university recognize his significant work and set eyes to the future. For more information and photos, please visit http://www.utu.fi/en/news/news/Pages/Finland-100-Elevated-Ceremonial-Conferment-of-Doctoral-Degrees.aspx


        Professor Aldo Boccaccini from the University of Erlangen-Nurenberg, Germany has been nominated to the Scientific Advisory Board of the BioCity Turku. Professor Boccaccini is a leding scientist in the fields of bioceramics, bioactive glasses and tissue engineering scaffolds. 





Turku Biomaterial Days 2018 will be arranged on October 25-26. Please follow information of the program and registration on this website. Title for the Days is "From Innovation to Company Creation" and there will be high level international and national keynote speakers.



We are happy to announce that the Fourth Turku Dental Biomaterials Summer School will be held this year in the Seili  island, Turku Archipelago, Finland on August 22-24, 2018. The theme of the summer school is From the tooth-biomaterial interface to load transfer”

The scientific program will include lectures as well as small group discussions. Due to limited accommodation facilities in Seili Island, attendance will be limited to 25 participants.

Candidates are requested to submit an application including a current/recent CV and a short motivation letter. The deadline for application is 1.6.2018. Please address the applications to . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Admission to the summer school is 120 euros; including the transportation from Turku to the island on 22.8, shared-accommodation for two nights at the island, food and social activities and return on 24.8.2018. Transport expenses to Turku/Finland as well as any additional stay should be covered by the participant.

So please feel free to pass this information to the colleagues who might be interested in attending. Please refer to the website www.biomaterials.utu.fi< for information.

 Program of the Fourth Turku Dental Biomaterials Summer School 2018




        TCBC Midwinter Meeting 

       The second TCBC Midwinter Meeting was arranged in Dentalia on February 9, 2018. The farmost attendees  of the Meeting were from Japan but European countries were well represented as well. Scientific day was completed by Introduction to Finnish sauna culture and ice-swimming. 



Turku Biomaterials Days 2017 was arranged on October 26-27, 2017. Topic of the Days was "Interfaces and Interphases". Turku Biomaterial Days collected over 100 participants to hear about recent finding os medical and dental biomaterials.



         Acta Odontologica Scandinavica Big Prize 2017 has been awarded to Professor Pekka Vallittu 


Bensow - Äyräpää Prize 2016 by the Skandinaviska Tandläkarförerningen has been awarded to Professor Pekka Vallittu.


BioCity Turku profiling research program status 2016-2020: A Committee nominated by the Rectors of the University of Turku and the Åbo Akademi University selected "Biomaterials and Medical Device Research Program" and one of the profiling research programs of BioCity Turku. There are nine research groups and three associated research groups in the program. Research groups represents  basic sciences, applied sciences and clinical sciences of medicine and dentistry.


FINDOS Symposium 2016 with topic of "Tissue engineering" was organized in Dentalia Building on 1-2 December, 2016. For details, see website of FINDOS Doctoral Program. 


Kick-Off Meeting for the researchers of "Biomaterials and Medical Device Research Program" was arranged on on Thursday 15th of December 2016. 


Turku Dental Biomaterial Summer School 2016

The Third Turku Dental Biomaterials Summer School was hold this year in the Seili island, Turku Archipelago, Finland on August 17-19, 2016. The theme of the summer school was “Should we focus on biomineralization rather than resin-based bonding?" The school collected 33 summer school students and 5 lecturers. 

SPONSORS: Dentsply-Sirona, Heraueus Kulzer Dental, 3M ESPE, Coltene-Whaledent, GC

Program of the Summer School of Dental Biomaterials 2016


TURKU BIOMATERIALS DAYS 2016 - ScanBalt Forum was arranged on October 19-20, 2016.  Topic of the Days was "Follow-up-schemes for implnats and infections". There were 100 participitants following the program. The event was arranged in collaboration with Turku Science Park. 



Turku Biomaterial Days 2015 was arranged on October 28-29th with more than 100 attendees. Topic of the Days was composite materials which are used in medicine and dentistry. Topic was covered from the perspective of biomineralization and business value of the materials. Next Turku Biomaterial Days  will be organized in October 2016.

Program of Turku Biomaterials Day 2015


Special Seminar "Biologic and bioactive interplay of ceramics"

There was a special TCBC Seminar at the Turku Yachting Club in Ruissalo island on 27. May, 2015. Guest speaker of the seminar was Professor Petros Koidis from the Aristotele University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Topic of the seminar was  "Biologic and bioactive interplay of ceramics". Seminar ended the acamdemic year the BioCity Turku Biomaterials Research Program.  


Turku Biomaterials Day 2014

BioCity Turku Biomaterials Research Program and Turku Science Park arranged succesful Turku Biomaterial Day 2014. There were over one hundred participants who enjoyed the program of biomechanics and biomaterial interfaces to tissues. Leading experts presented updated information from the field of research.  Organizers express their thanks to the presenters, panelists and participants of the day. 

Program of Turku Biomaterials Day 2014


Summer School of Dental Biomaterials 2014

BioCity Turku Biomaterials Research Program and the University of Turku arranged the second Summer School of Dental Biomaterials on Seili Island in Turku archipelago in August 25-28, 2014. World class experts were tutoring PhD students. Topic of the school was "Dental resin composites, polymerization and related properties". Tutors included Professor David Watts, Professor Richard Price and Professor Martin Rosentritt.

Summer School was sponsored by Dentsply, Heraeus Kulzer, 3M, Stick Tech - Member of GC Group

Program of the Summer School of Dental Biomaterials 2014


Innovation Award to everX Posterior

Restorative filling composite everX Posterior, which has been developed jointly by researchers at the Turku Clinical Bioimaterials Centre - TCBC and Stick Tech Ltd - Member of GC Group was awarded by the Quality Innovation of the Year 2013 of SIQ in Sweden. EverX Posterior has been awarded also by four other innovation awards since it was launched in Cologne in March 2013. The Speaker of the Parlament of Sweden  Per Westerberg distributed the Award to Managing Director Jyrki Kurokallio, Professor Pekka Vallittu and DDS Lippo Lassila in Stockholm on Janury 20th 2014.  


"Critical Thoughts for Biomaterial Scientists" by Professor B.W. Darvell

A special TCBC seminar was arranged on Tuesday, 25th March 2014.  Topic of the seminar was "Critical thoughts for biomaterial scientists". Seminar was given by Professor Brian W. Darvell from the University of Kuwait. Professor Darvell is one of the most eminent scientists in the field dental biomaterials and he has contributed highly respected books and scientific articles. 


Turku Biomaterials Day 2013

Turku Biomaterials Day with topic of "Release of active substances from biomaterials" was arranged on October 24, 2013. Total of 105 attendees partcipated the seminar day of multidiciplinary research topics from drug release to clinical use of bioactive implants and modern dentine bonding systems. Presenations by biomaterial companies of their present activity completed the program. 


Collaboration with scientists from Shanghai starts

Shanghai Stomatology Disease Center arranged the Second Scientific Seminar with the BioCity Turku Biomaterials Reserach Program in Shanghai, PRC, on April 8-9, 2013. Seminar started active research and educational collaboration between the Shanghai Stomatology Disease Center and the University of Turku. In the first instance, collaboration is focusing to increase knowledge of  fiber-reinforced composite biomaterials in China. First visiting scientists from Shanghai to Turku will arrive in August 2013.

Dentsply Student Clinician Research Award to BDS Krista Vasankari

Dentsply, one of the biggest dental material company in the world has arranged their annual Student Clinician Researher Competion in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dental schools from the Nordic coutries, Baltic countries and Benelux countries had presenters from one of their leading research areas. This years, as also in the year 2012, the winner came from the University of Turku. BDS Krista Vasankari won the competition with her presentation entitled "Surface modification of titanium by grit blasting with bioactive glass". Krista Vasankari belongs to the Oral Implant Research Group.


Most Innovative Product Prize from IDS 2013

Dental filling composite, which has been developed at the Turku Clinical Biomaterials Centre -TCBC in collaboration with the Stick Tech Ltd and GC Corporation was awarded as one of the Most Innovative New Products in the world largest fair and exhibition of dental materials and devices, IDS in Cologne 13th March 2013. Development of everX Posterior composite started in 2004 and now it is launced to the international markets. Innovativiness of the everX Posterior is in the special filler and polymer matrix sturcture which toughen the composite to exceed the values of human dentine. For more informationn, see www.sticktech.com.


Professor Kalle Aitasalo Symposium

Professor Kalle Aitasalo has worked for years at the Turku University Hospital and for his honour there was a special symposium on head and neck Surgery. The symposium with world-class speakers was arranged in the Mauno Koivisto Center on Friday 16th November 2012.


German Minister-President Erwin Sellering visited TCBC

Minister-President  Erwin Sellering from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany and his delegation from BioCon Valley (www.bcv.org) visited Turku Clinical Biomaterials Centre - TCBC on 15th October, 2012. Visit was arranged by the Turku Science Park Ltd. Research and development activity at the TCBC was introduced to Mr Sellering. He expressed lot of interest toward non-metallic biomaterial devices. There are similar intrests and needs of finding more cost-effective alternative treatments for various fields of medicine and dentistry both in Germany and in Finland. Businesswise, he found the future between BioCity Turku and BioCon Valley very promising.


New academic year has started - Journal Club Meetings are here again!

Academic year 2012-2013 continues scientific activity of the BioCity Turku Biomaterials Research Program. Scientific seminars (TCBC Seminars) are arranged on regular basis and researchers are attending actively scientific meetings world-wide. We have got good feedback of previously arranged journal club meetings  where scientific papers were reviewed and discussed freely by members of our biomaterial research program. We are starting Biomaterial Journal Club meetings (BMJCs) again. Meetings are arranged during lunch time on every second or third Thursday. Please follow the information given by email.

Core-facility laboratory TCBC provides modern research environment for scientists and postgraduate students under supervision of Research Group Leaders. If you are interested in working in the Biomaterials Research Program, please contact directly our Group Leaders with highest academic qualifications.


Scientific Award to Turku Biomaterials Research

Professor Pekka Vallittu was awarded by the Distinguished Scientist Award in Prosthodontic and Implant Research by the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) at General Session of the IADR in Brazil, June 18th 2012.


Professor William Bonfield - Honorary Doctor of Faculty of Medicine

Professor William Bonfield from the University of Cambridge was awarded by the Honorary Doctor Degree of the University of Turku in May 2011. Professor Bonfield is the one of the most eminent biomaterials scientist in the world and he is member of the Royal Society. He has made significant contributions to the field of science as founder and editor-in-chief of scientific journals, lecturer and in promoting commercialization of biomaterials. His contribution for biomaterials research activity at the University of Turku started in early 1990´s when the research of bioactive glass became main topic of the Turku biomaterials research. Since then, he has supported and directed e.g. development bioactive composite materials based on Turku origin components.