Digiteeth project






Development of digital research infrastructure for manufacturing dental appliances in Turku campus area


Project: A80891

Planned completion time: 1.1.2024 – 30.6.2026

Project contact person: Lassila Lippo, Head of TCBC, liplas@utu.fi

Co-organisers: Turun ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Total funding: 248 439 €

Funding for investments: 50 547 €

Complete application (in Finnish): https://eura2021.fi/hanketietopalvelu?koodi=A80891

The possibilities of digital production methods in dentistry have grown very rapidly. However, having several different kinds of equipment and manufacturing techniques complicates the cooperation between operators. A prosthetics team with a dentist and a dental technician must have equipment from the same manufacturer (facial arch, etc.) to produce digital prostheses collaboratively. Additionally, digital imaging methods and virtual reality are not yet utilized as widely as possible having 3D facial imaging hardly used in the manufacturing of dentures. Using 3D facial imaging information between a dentist and a dental laboratory would have a big potential to improve the manufacturing by making it more efficient. Therefore, developing digital imaging methods, their accuracy, and virtual reality to unify dental devices manufacturing using 3D facial imaging is one of the aims of the project. The facial scanner needed for the project is acquired by the project funding.

Furthermore, the materials used in the digital manufacturing of dentures have been optimized according to the manufacturing method, but their mechanical properties are not optimal. In particular, the use of fiber reinforced composites is practically non-existent in digital processes. The Turku Clinical Biomaterial Centre (TCBC) of the University of Turku has been researching and developing the use of fiber composites as dental materials for 25 years and therefore the aim of the project is additionally to combine the fiber reinforcement and digital processing in the manufacturing of dental devices.

For further information, please visit: https://eura2021.fi/